Plugin Dynamo Releases AdZonse Ads For WordPress recently launched an alternative to AdSense with its all-new AdZonse Plugin for WordPress websites. The plugin focuses on Amazon Ad Generation by allowing webmasters to insert their own Amazon product affiliate links rather than the traditional “pennies on the dollar” banners that are created by AdSense.

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In an official promotional video clip, a PluginDynamo representative states, “We’ve all seen the Google AdSense ads… they’re not very pleasing on the eyes. Obviously they pay pennies per click. So why display ads that don’t pay you very much and don’t look very good when you can display products from Amazon through AdZonse?”

Website Monetization

As more blogs and commercial websites enter the virtual realm, it has become vitally important for site owners to monetize their content. Long gone are the days when a simple, non-strategical advertisement banner could mindlessly generate strong revenue streams from a limited amount of traffic. In today’s Internet environment, advertisements are expected by the front-end user to be both attractive and relevant. Placing a specific category of ad in a widgetized slot and having it seen by a user who is highly unlikely to be interested in that topic is nothing more than a waste of space and programming effort.

The AdZonse format is unique in that it will continue generating income for the advertiser even when the user who clicked on the ad doesn’t purchase the specific product mentioned. For example, if one of your blog’s readers clicks on a banner that promotes a wristwatch you have featured, but decides to purchase some other merchandise, your cloaked affiliate URL will still receive credit for the buy.

Banner Parameters

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At initial launch, there are several types of banners available by default for the AdZonse plugin: 160


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